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About Us

ETI in a nutshell

Efficiency Training Institue is a training and consultancy provider, comprises qualified and experienced trainers and facilitators who come from a variety of professional backgrounds and settings.

Our team has been affected both personally and professionally by all of the aspects reflected within our training programs and consultancy services.

We deliver our services to government, corporate sector and community, and partner globally with individuals and organisations to assist them reaching their full potential and achieve success through:

  • Providing recognised qualifications and endorsing customised programs.
  • Developing innovative training services and products.
  • Designing tailored training programs.
  • Supporting a leadership and management community.

Our Vision

ETI aspires to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective training, through the provision of practical, easily understood and eminently applicable training programs, that adhere to international best practice.

We identify excellence from the perspective of our trainees, our staff, the region's employers and workforce, our partners and of ETI itself.

Our Mission

ETI has a mission to provide quality training linked to the needs of the community.

Through our facility, we welcome everyone into an atmosphere where friends are made, learning is enjoyed and high standards are maintained.

We continue to extend our links with industry, commerce and education, while responding to the needs of a changing community.

At ETI we have a number of key objectives which aim to:

  • Value each individual.
  • Provide a challenging and stimulating training environment.
  • Enable each individual to reach their full potential.
  • Offer equality of opportunity.
  • Develop and encourage the desire to learn.
  • Promote independence and responsibility.
  • Provide an awareness and experience of industry or commerce.
  • Provide clear and concise communication within our partners and the wider community.

Our Philosophy

ETI sees training as the process of developing the individual's knowledge, skills and behaviour to a desired level of competence in order to achieve personal, organisational and social objectives.

In order to achieve this, we believe that the mere impartation of knowledge is not enough. It is all about consistently influencing people to aspire to a higher level.

Our Values

Our values are the governing principles that direct our approach to the development of ETI and our behaviour when conducting our work.

Everything we do should be consistent with these values and everyone who works at ETI should be comfortable with them. We promote these values to our trainees and we expect these values to be upheld by them while they are training with us and hopefully long after they have left ETI.

  • Inspirational and enjoyable training:

    Training should be challenging. Well-structured and coherent training is remembered by trainees and provides inspiration throughout their lives.

  • Working and achieving together:

    Having a shared sense of purpose, with stakeholders working together to achieve their goals and celebrate successes.

  • Mutual respect:

    Valuing and respecting trainees and staff, by promoting equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging discrimination and antisocial behaviour at all times.

  • Opportunities for all:

    ETI is accessible to people of all abilities and encourages the ethos of lifelong learning for everyone.

  • Continuous improvement:

    Our trainees make a commitment to improvement when they come to ETI for training. In turn, we are committed to continuous improvement so that the expectations of our trainees can be met.

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