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Closed (In-House) Training

ETI can ensure training is effective as possible by delivering fully customisable training solutions away from your organisation's own premises.

Trainees will benefit from a relaxed, purpose-built training environment, with state-of-the-art classrooms and comfortable break-out areas. Many of our clients prefer to deliver their training at ETI's premises for several reasons:

  • Work related interruptions are minimised.
  • Delegates focus solely on the training.
  • No need to set up classrooms/equipment.
  • Catering and refreshments are provided.
  • Purpose-built training rooms.
  • High specification equipment.

Closed courses allow complete flexibility in terms of course content, timings and dates. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure our solutions meet the requirements of the audience at all levels within an organisation. Instructor-led classroom based sessions can be combined with one-to-one sessions, intensive workshops and seminars or group demonstrations.

We are happy to work with our clients in replicating organisational infrastructure and desktop settings, helping to ensure the training environment is familiar to the participants.

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